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Silicone thumb holder holder made of soft and flexible silicone material.Prop up your device with this thumb stand. Durable and washable.Cute design allows you to place your phone in a comfortable viewStrong angle and wide base ensure your phone stays in place. You couldStand your phone to watch the..
S.R 10.00
Brand: general
3 in 1 magnet grab1- A magnet to attach to the base of the car.2- Stand for viewing.3- Back grab for mobile.3 in 1 Durable Leather Folding Phone Holder with Finger Grip Compatible with Most Mobile Phones.It has excellent adhesion and fixation performance to smooth surfaces such as metal or plastic.H..
S.R 14.00
Brand: general
Luxurious and very excellent quality worth buying 3 in 1Magnetic grip that attaches to the car or with any magnet base.Stand for viewing lengthwise or widthwise. Card holder.Card holder.Available in 4 colors: black, blue, olive, brown, black...
S.R 19.00
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